Workio is your shortcut to a smarter office

Workio collects the many modern workspace offerings in an app that is easy for everyone to use. Workio is flexible and can accommodate many different services and integrations in your office space. 

Manage Your Office
Manage Your Office
Workio allows you to manage new companies, meeting rooms, catering and company expenditure.
Manage New Users
Manage New Users
Create new users with a few clicks. User will automatically get a signup email and access to Workio.
Manage Invoicing
Manage Invoicing
Workio automatically sends out invoices with monthly spending to companies.

Managing and regestring new tenants have never been easier

Workio is easy to use for everyone.

Whether it’s booking a meeting room, ordering catering for your next meeting or checking your next invoice the simple interface of Workio get’s the job done in seconds.

The main menu for your tenants will show the services that your office is offering. The tenants own company logo will show on top giving the app a more personalized touch. From the main menu the tenants can with only a few clicks book a meeting room and order catering for their next meeting. Workio is a seamless user experience making it easier for your tenants getting their job done.

Overview of today’s and upcoming meetings.

Your meetings provides an overview of today’s booked meetings and upcoming meetings. From here you can easily change your meetings or add a new one.

The overview is changed daily and only shows upcoming meetings. You can easily book a new meeting room by clicking the add icon on the top right corner. This leads to the screen where you can search for a new meeting room based on your criteria. The calendar shows the many meetings rooms in your office and you can navigate through specific dates and rooms and find an available meeting room. Rooms show an overview of the many meeting rooms in your office building together with relevant information such as location, seats and equipment.

Easy to book a meeting.

Booking a new meeting room has never been easier. You simply define when it is taking place and the duration of the meeting. Workio searches through the meeting rooms and finds the next available meeting for you.

Say goodbye to meeting room booking headaches and put a stop to stolen meeting rooms, double bookings, unattended meetings and late starts. Workio automatically finds the next available meeting room for you based on your search criteria. Some office spaces charges for meeting rooms, and with Workio you can pay directly on your monthly bill. This makes it easier for all.

Add catering to your meeting.

Adding catering to your next meeting is taking care of within seconds. You simply select what you need and order it through Workio.

With the catering module in Workio the users can easily add catering for their next meeting. Users order it in the app and pay for it on their monthly invoice. They can add comments to the order for the kitchen to notice as well as time for when to receive the catering. The kitchen who will handle it automatically receives an email with the order.

Overview of transactions and spending.

Modern workspaces have many different offerings and some are free and some are charged for. With Workio the tenants can always see the months expenditures and previous invoices.

Workio is a flexible platform that can accommodate many different offerings. With the overview of expenditures, transactions and invoices the tenants can get an instant overview of previous and upcoming invoices. Many workspaces offer different subscriptions and with Workio you can change or cancel your subscription directly in the app.

Workio is compatible on most platforms

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No office or workspace is alike. That is why we have built a flexible platform that allows for customization. With our expertise we can accommodate many different user needs that makes it easir for your tenants to go to work.

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